Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help me get my Magic Room!

Hi ya Tocho Tribal Nation! I thought it was about time I made my debut in the CLAWS blog world. After all, it’s not fair to keep all this cuteness to myself! Check out my photo album if you haven’t already. I am so cute they had to give me my own album ‘cuz they can’t stop takin’ pictures of me. I’m too sexy for my spots!

For those who don’t know me (you MUST be new!), here’s the Short Attention Span Theater version of my story. Somethin’ happened to my wild mom. Me and my siblings were sent to a nice lady. All my siblings died. Nice lady sends me to Kindra. Kindra takes me to a vet who says I have some kind of wobbly thing (editors note: cerebelar hypoplasia) and IF I live I can’t be wild ‘cuz I’ll always have the wobblys and could fall and hurt myself while jumpin’ and stuff. But somethin’ else was wrong ‘cuz I kept gettin’ sick and losin’ weight. Mommy K sat up with me many nights tryin’ to make me better. She was afraid I was gonna die. But I am a fighter! Turned out I don’t digest my food right and will need enzymes (they taste nasty and I don’t like them) and vitamins every day for the rest of my life. (Mommy K says they are still tryin’ to work out the exact doses, but I hope this is it, ‘cuz bein’ sick sucks.) This means I will have to stay at CLAWS. That works for me since I have these people wrapped ‘round my very large kitty paws and I have a bobdog.

That brings you up to speed. I know a lot of you have been followin’ my story from the beginnin’ and are already in love with me. I have a great fan club. You all have very good taste! One of those great fans is my adoptive Mommy Heidi. She’s been a great supporter of CLAWS and couldn’t resist me! Last week Mommy K took me to Mommy H’s house for a visit to get me out of the house and see if it would perk me up after a rough week. Auntie Carol came to visit too and we brought her adoptive furkid, my friend Rocky. He’s a cute little raccoon. Not as cute as me of course, but he might come in second.

Mommy H has the most awesomest room ever! You are outside and inside all at the same time! I soooo want one! I spend a lot of time looking out the window at home. I don’t get to go outside very much, and when I do there is a human hoverin’ over me crampin’ my style! I gotta figure out how to get one of those rooms. The bottom half is already there (that would be the back deck at the CLAWS facility). It just needs a top half. So I was talking to the Wolf Pack that lives in the room over the fence and told them about the magic room at Mommy H’s. None of them really cared ‘cuz they get to go outside. But my new friend, Gali the Great White Wolf (that would be Galileo the arctic marble fox), cared ‘cuz he doesn’t get to go when the rest of the Pack goes outside. So he’s excited now too. I think every Mountain Lion (that is what my name means) should have a Wolf for a friend.

We really, really, really want a magic inside/outside room. Mommy K says we don’t have the money right now ‘cuz of my vet bills and the other vet bill CLAWS still owes. So I gave her “the face” and she said that if I could find the money to buy materials (estimated to be about $1,000), I could have the room. I already have the labor lined up. I own Vinny and he is very useful. I have marked him as my own. (www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=420030774183) Rocky has offered up his human, Damien, for labor. Lori said Blue Drew is a pushover and should be mine for a purr if more workers are needed. So that just leaves the money.

That’s where you guys, my wonderful, adoring fans come in! How much do you love me?! Show me the money! I would love you forever if you would go to the CLAWS website (www.nc-claws.org) and click on the Paypal button and send me some money for my magic room. If you wanna send a check, ask Mommy K how.

Remember that painting I did a while back before I got so sick? It was rather good. Keep watch on the FaceBook page because Mommy K is figurin’ out how to auction it off to help pay for my magic room. It would be so great to be able to be out in the fresh air, but still be safe from the outside. I know I can’t ever be a cat out in the wild, but I am still a wild cat that needs to be outside…sometimes (don’t want to give up my cushy bed and stuff!). Because of my wobbly thing I can’t be out in a regular cage. I could climb the fence and fall and hurt myself. That would be bad.

Please help me get my magic indoor/outdoor room so I can take naps and play with my friends Gali and Rocky out in the fresh air. Thank you for caring about me and my friends here at CLAWS.

Mountain Lion (in her heart and mind, adorable Bobcat in reality)

Editors note: While Kindra may seem crazy, she is not crazy enough to have a Wolf Pack living in her living room. We are actually waiting until we get more land and a bigger facility to get wolves. Tocho’s Wolf Pack is the group of very small dogs (Chihuahuas, Pomeranian) and the fox who all have the heart of a wolf and a couple who even howl like one.

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  1. I'm sure that the Tocho Tribe will be able to get you the funds needed for your Magic Room....tell Mommy K to look into using eBay to auction off any paintings you might have done, or will do in the future! They have certain rules about it though, so Mommy K should look at this link: