Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Deer - Almost as Cute as Me!

Pooka here. This week’s animal blog is about the fawn. Normally the blog is written by the featured animal. However, if we did that this week the entire blog would be “Who are you?! Where’s my mama?! I'm Hungry!! I WANT MY MAMA!!!” repeated over and over. So to make it a little more interesting and informative, I volunteered to tell you their story.

We’ve been looking for sponsors for all of us permanent animals. This week we are looking for people who have a special place in their hearts for fawn, baby deer, or bambi. Those little suckers are expensive to feed. I hate spring rehab season. Mom (Kindra) is so busy feeding and trying to talk sense into all the people who want to deernap the babies out of the wild cuz they don’t understand how nature works that she doesn’t have any Pooka play time. I think this should be an official crime. Some babies really do need help cuz something bad happened to them (attacked by a dog, run over with one of those big farm mower thingys) or to their mom (usually getting killed by a car).

Price of admission to CLAWS animal resort is supposed to be injury or orphanism (Lori insists that isn’t a word but I like it). But most of the guys who are here now were deernapped. Or is that fawnnapped? It is the equivalent of your child being kidnapped out of your backyard. Mom says we can’t just put them back cuz they’ve been gone too long and their mom wouldn’t expect them to come back. Unlike human children, baby deer do NOT wander off when mom tells them to stay somewhere.

Anyhoo, between all the healthy ‘napped babies, the orphans, and the hurt ones, there are a LOT, really a lot, of mouths to feed. That’s where you wonderful people come in. You guys have money. We animals don’t have any money. No pockets. Well the bettongs have pockets, but they are usually full of babies. Oh, right, back on topic. Money. We need money to buy formula. You can donate money to CLAWS or you can call the farm supply place (Piedmont Feed 919-942- 7848) and buy formula right over the phone. They will hold it for us ‘til I send my manservant to fetch it. How easy is that? You don’t even have to leave your house. I think a bucket of formula is about $25. When there are lots of babies here, they can burn through a whole bucket in just one day! That’s a LOT of formula.

You can also donate gas cards. Those are very helpful because my humans have to drive a lot to go pick up all these fawn. They are spread out all over the place. Like 4 or 5 different counties. Whatever those are. Plus when the babies get bigger, they will go to a release pen. Then my humans will have to drive there twice a day to feed everybody until they are ready to go back into the wild.

For $100, you can sponsor a rehabbing fawn. Contact mom for details on that.

And for you haters who think there are too many deer and why does CLAWS bother especially if it is so expensive, I say all babies deserve a chance. (Lori says I can’t say that, but I say raccoons have opinions too and people need to learn to share the space!) So for all you wonderful people who DO get it, won’t you please help a baby out and buy some formula? Contact my mom (Kindra) by posting on the CLAWS fan page, or emailing her ( if you are interested in sponsoring a rehabbing fawn. Be sure to pass the blog link along to your friends who might not be fans of CLAWS yet!


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