Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Help the feathered friends beat the furries

Totally Hello fans of CLAWS! My name is Dionysus, and I am an utterly fabulous kestrel! Not to mention totally adorable. I know this because people are constantly telling me so. I am this week’s guest blogger for CLAWS. The animals here at CLAWS have been inspired by the high school students who are having a fundraising competition for CLAWS between their schools. We have decided to see who can get all their team sponsored first. It is the Furs vs. the Feathers. Pick your team!

I am representing the Feathers this week. I am looking for a sponsor. Preferably a human who will help me convince Kindra that I am a HOUSE Kestrel. This whole being outside with nature thing is so not for me!

When I was a baby, my siblings pushed me out of the nest so they could have more food. So very rude. Anyway, on my way down, my wing and foot were damaged from smacking into the tree before crashing into the ground, making me unable to fly and care for myself. A nice falconer lady patched me up. Since I can’t fly, she used me for education. I used to hang out in her house on a perch on her coffee table. I make a lovely decoration. I am also a charming companion.

I have been working some of that charm on Kindra. I have been employing what Lori calls my version of the “Puss ‘n Boots look” (Shrek reference). The door to the cottage they put me in can be easily seen from the rehab room where Kindra spends most of her time. I make sure to be in the doorway giving her the look. Working on the raptor mind control…”I am a house bird. I belong in there with you. You want to come out and get me and bring me in to ride around on your shoulder.”

I took my first van ride as co-pilot the other day. It was great. Almost like flying. Vinny kept stopping the van, and I had to power it up by flapping my wings to make it go again. I hope Kindra lets me do that again. It is a lot more fun than riding in my crate!

So, think about sponsoring me! I’m kinda new here, but I will become a popular favorite. How can people resist this much cuteness? You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. And speaking of ground floor…help me convince Kindra I belong in the house. We might have to raise a little money to build me a cage in the house. I am NOT living on her coffee table!

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