Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sponsor a Patagonian Cavy

My turn! My turn! The world’s first blogging Patagonian Cavy! My name is Miss Pris. In case you missed Dionysus’s blog last week, the animals of CLAWS are having a competition to see which team can get all its members sponsored first. The furs are going for a triple header this week. My cage mates, Sissy and Sam, and I hope to all find sponsors this week. Me first, of course. But for those who are too slow to act and miss out on me can still be the proud sponsor of a Patagonian Cavy.

We are unusual animals. Give me a set of antlers and I’ll do my Jackalope impression! We are the second largest members of the rodent family. Not quite an ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size), but close.

I love living here at CLAWS! Lots of fresh air and sunshine. In my former life, I was an apartment pet of a young woman in New York City. I tried to tell her I am not pet material. But she insisted. She would get upset when I would chew up furniture and walls and molding. Hey, I’m a rodent; we gotta chew, it’s what we do. (We actually have to chew on hard stuff to grind down our big huge teeth. Otherwise they would just keep growing and growing, and what a problem that would be.) Anyway, her mom finally talked some sense into her (yay, Mom!) and they found their way to CLAWS. Fortunately for me, Kindra has a soft spot for Patagonian Cavies. She made room for me here at CLAWS.

That is one of the things they do here, take in animals like me who used to belong to people that didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Here I can be a Patagonian Cavy. I have lots of things to chew on, proper food to eat, and friends. I was lucky. Some people who get unusual animals think they can just “return us to the wild” when we become inconvenient. Since I have never been wild, that would be very scary for me. I wouldn’t have the first clue how to get my own food and stuff. Plus, I’m not from here. I don’t belong in the “wilds” of North America, and it is way too far to walk to South America from here!

Since I was raised as a pet, I am quite friendly. You humans aren’t all bad. I hope there is someone out there who likes large friendly rodents and wants to sponsor me. Please think about it. It will help CLAWS continue to help animals like me that need a safe place to live.

Thanks for caring!

Miss Pris

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