Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're ready Mr. Music!

We’re ready Mr. Music! This week’s Critter Blog is brought to you by the World’s newest karaoke singing sensation – Me! Tahgrid the red shouldered hawk. Emphasis on the shoulder part. As in, it is my favorite place to perch on my human trees.

I am at CLAWS because I can’t fly, and I can’t fly because I fell out of my tree. Kids, when your mom tells you to stay in the nest because the branches are dangerous until you get all your feathers, listen to her. Moms know things. Wish I would have listened to mine. It is actually my stupid brother’s fault. He dared me. Called me a chicken! Me! A raptor. We eat chickens. I couldn’t be lumped in with prey. Please. So while mom was out getting food, I slipped out of the nest onto the branch. Things were going pretty good until my sister yelled that mom was coming back. That startled me and I lost my balance. Boy it was a long way down to the ground. Broke my wing. Major Bummer.

Some nice people took me to Dr. Dan, the bird man. He fixed my wing real good. Unfortunately, by the time it was healed from the surgery, it had been wrapped up too long. Problem is that I finished growing while my wing was wrapped up, so I can’t fully extend it now, which means flying is out of the question. So after I was all healed, Dr. Dan called his friend Kindra to see if she could make room for me. Lucky for me, CLAWS needed a red shouldered hawk for their education programs.

I really enjoy doing the programs. Hanging out with Kindra, educating the kids. Events are even more fun! I get to stay out longer. One of my favorites is when we set up at Harry’s in Carrboro. They have music. One night they had karaoke. I had been hanging out on Kindra’s shoulder relaxing after we were through with our booth. Someone talked her into going up on “stage” and singing. I went along and piped in at appropriate places. We were a big hit! I hope we get to do that again.

Anyway, I am looking for a sponsor. How many people can say they sponsor a singing Red Shouldered Hawk? I am also incredibly handsome and charming. I am also a fashion trend setter. Please note the ‘do on my blog photo. If you are interested in becoming my benefactor, contact Kindra. Email her at


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