Friday, April 23, 2010

First fawn of the season, Woody

The decision on whether or not to rehabilite deer here at CLAWS this year was still up in the air. Until that call came in! Knowing there was a fawn out there who was not going to be returned to his mother, where he should have stayed, how could we say "no"?

This year more than any, deciding whether or not to rehabilitate deer was a tough one. Every year, at the end of fawn season, after dealing with so many people who just won't listen to reason, we say "maybe not next year". Then that first call comes in and the decision is made. But rehabilitating fawn is one of the most expensive things we do, and this year, that was a serious, serious concern.

With the economy being so poor, all non-profits, but especially for those helping "non traditional" animals. Most years, we have to supplement the deer formula with our personal income. This year, with Vinny being laid off, that's just not going to be possible.

So, while I couldn't say no when I got the call, as soon as I said "yes", I started to worry how on earth we were going to pay for it!

Imagine my surprise when our fans started "stepping up" and OFFERING to help buy formula! After all of the deer "overpopulation" meetings I've been in, it was so heartwarming to see how many people still have huge hearts and care if a baby, who was taken from his mother, lives, grows and becomes a healthy member of the wild world! It brought me to tears!

And poor little Woody! Walking behind mom, barely 24 hours, and he's snatched up by a human, who decided that the woods were too dangerous for a baby. Even a baby who is WITH his mother!

So sad that a human can be so selfish! But then so heartwarming that so many others care what happens to this poor little victim of a kidnapping!

Thank you ALL!!!

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