Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kiwi is learning

Since everybody else is blogging, I thought you guys should hear from a coopers hawk point of view. Hi, my name is Kiwi.
I was given to CLAWS by an officer who confiscated me from a lady who was keeping me illegally. I had a beak that looked like a set of stairs from me banging into wire all the time. Somebody amputated half of my wing, but nobody really knows why.
So, then I'm told that I have to educate children or the feds say I can't live. Well, I'm not much of a people bird, considering my first experience with humans, but dead didn't sound great.
So, I've been educating kids for a while now and have finally started to understand why we do this. WOW, humans really don't know a lot about us? Not that I'd expect kids to, but some adults don't. So, I think I'm doing something important now, since humans really need to learn a LOT about those they share this planet with!
I did a program today with some really great kids and adults and I behaved great, except that whole getting back in the cage thing. I hate that part! But, they say I'll learn not to hate that so much either.
I do miss chasing down birds and eating them, but I guess if this is my other choice, it's not so bad. Humans bring me food every day, clean my cage, give me water and basically provide for all my care. A little easier than chasing down my own food.
Hope to meet you all soon!!!

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