Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My final week at CLAWS

I've been told this is my last week here at CLAWS. I've been working on my flying and hunting skills for 3 months now, so it's about time!!!
It's been ok being here. I didn't like the force feedings at first, so I learned that eating on my own was a MUCH better plan. But, when I first got here, my brains were a little scrambled from a big car smashing into me!
After being here so long, I know I'm one of the lucky ones. Some of my comrades here having been as lucky as I have, they sustained far worse injuries and will have to live with humans forever.
Even knowing that I'm a lucky one though, I'm ready to go, get out of her, and never have to be at eye level with a human again! I dream of soaring high above these humans and seeing them as they are supposed to be, just specks below me!
I'm told it will be this week, keep your fingers and talons crossed that it will be this week. I've got a mate to go find, babies to make and boy do I need a change in diet! Much more variety out there in the wild!

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