Monday, April 19, 2010

Transporter Fun!!!

So you'd like to help Claws but you really aren’t sure how? Want to help in a HUGE way but can only help on from time to time? Become a Claws Transporter!!! How does that work? Easy, it’s like a phone tree. Claws receives a call in your area about an animal in need….they call you to see if you can pick up the animal and meet them closer to their location so they aren’t spending all their time traveling back and forth across the Triangle.

They will train you on how to handle the animals safely for transport. It only takes 30 minutes to an hour and allows them to focus on animal care where their expertise is needed most. Triage, feeding and cleaning takes up a lot of time during rehab seasons! Everyone gets busy and maybe you can’t help every time but if you were able to help out even a couple of times a month it would be a HUGE help!

My family and I volunteer with Claws at events when we can but more regularly we help transport animals in need. It’s been very rewarding. Not only do we have contact with lots of different species of animals we normally only see in the wild (it’s really amazing to see these animals up close) but afterwards you know you helped that animal get the care it needed faster. In the process you will learn amazing tidbits and facts about the animals you transport! Did you know that baby crows have blue eyes??? Or that baby flying squirrels are born furless, weighing only 3 to 5 grams? How about the fact screech owls come in two color phases, red and gray?!

You may love transporting so much that you decide you want to rehabilitate wildlife yourself! And in that case, Claws can train you to do that as well and help you become permitted with the state. Transporting is the perfect way to get a little taste of what it’s like to be a wildlife rehabber! Come join the Claws team!!!

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